Friday, October 27, 2006


I've really been on top of my game lately. Not only have I gotten back on my game, but I'm really enjoying Poker again. Since I last posted, I've been playing a full mix of games including Limit Full Ring, Sit n Go's, and Tourney's. My bankroll is much more comfortable now after winning a satellite to the $530 Sunday Million. I cashed out a few hundred to cover some B-day presents for the Wife, and I'm left with $768.62 currently. I sold the Tournament Dollars to an ITH buddy for the SharkDAQ.

The SharkDAQ is a fund for up and coming MTT players that will be used weekly to stake ITH'ers for the Sunday Million. The purpose would be to give EV+ MTT players money to be able to play in these and get some experience, while also increasing the value of the fund. It's really an amazing idea put together by some awesome people.

Here's the bankroll breakdown:

Total Bankroll
Limit bankroll
Tourney Bankroll
Sit n go Bankroll
Staking Bankroll

Updates will come more frequently now, I promise...


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