Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Switching Gears

I've decided I can't handle grinding it out at the Full Ring tables and I'm going to go crazy there. Due to this I'm going to hit the Multi-table tournaments hard again. They're so much more exciting.

So with my measely roll of about $42 I'm hitting the $1 tourneies on stars and I played a $4.40 180 person sit n go last night and took down 3rd for $85 bucks. Good way to start. So now I atleast have the roll for the $1 tourrnies and I'll throw in some $5 ones even though it is over the bankrol goal of 100 buy-ins.

4 Tournaments played so far

75% ITM
982% ROI :-)
and 1 final table

I've managed the tilt pretty well lately and really feel like I can make a run at building my tournamnet bankroll.

Results to follow.


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