Thursday, June 22, 2006

Trying WPEX

Squeezed in about an hour and a half of limit last night at WPEX (World Poker Exchange). Some of you may be familiar with this site. I deposited the minimum of 20 dollars there because I wanted to try this out after all I'd read about it at ITH. I have to say I am quite impressed with this site. I'm not exactly sure how they can continue to run the site as they do but for now it is one hell of a deal. If you're not familiar with the site, they are offering rake free poker. And even better, they take the rake out first, and pay you the rake back every Monday. This is nice because you are used to paying rake at every other site, so when you get this back it really seems like a bonus.

As for the games, I found an extremely loose game with a huge fish sitting on my left. This guy was capping every street when he paired up on the board, and it took about 20 minutes to take his stack. I imagine this will be a rare occurrence at that site as it will most likely attract a lot of grinders.

I played .50/1.00 limit with my 20 bucks just to try out the software, but now I've made that into about 48 dollars, and I already have about 4.50 coming in rakeback on monday from that 90 minutes of play. I think a good player at this site could actually turn about 5BB/100 with this rakeback structure. As for the 48 dollars I may take it seriously and start grinding away there until I find a reason not to.

Will this be a new trend in online poker, only time will tell. But it sure would be nice if the traffic picked up on this site and the bigger sites had to try and keep up.


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