Monday, June 26, 2006

Free Money

Free money can apparrently be found daily at the WPEX poker room. Here I was expecting to find extremely tight play because of the great rakeback deal, and instead I find the loosest bunch of fishies I've ever seen. Some of the play there is just rediculous, I highly reccomend checking it out. I receive my $20.00 in rakeback today, what a great deal!

Only played one tournament this weekend, a $10+1 rebuy limit game on stars. Was in the top 20 for the majority of the time, then around bubble time I loosened up and took some hits. Called down my KQ against big slick when a K hit the board. dropped me to about 8k with 600/1200 blinds. 3 hands later I see AA and cap pre-flop against the table chipleader, I re-raise his bet on the flop to put me all-in on a K57 rainbow board and he shows 55. Ugh, re-raising on his 55 pre-flop was pretty questionable play but what can you do. Out in 30th when top 18 make the money. Overall I lost about 30 dollars over the weekend.

I really need to find or schedule some time to play more Poker. 50 hours a week at my real job+time spent with the new baby+6 hours of sleep a night+working in a few hours of poker= approximately 31 hours a day. It's just not working. So I find myself in a predicament; I do too well at poker to give it up, that would just be a bad business decision. However I can't quit the job unless I build up a solid bankroll to work with. Help!!!!!


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